Singlebird for Single

Single - Bird 

Whether you're alone or in a relationship. Show it with Single-Bird. Wear the recognition feature for your relationship status on your clothes and you'll see you're not flying alone.

You've always wanted to realize who's single out there, and who's not?  With the contagion pins of
''SINGLE-BIRD'', everyone has now a symbol of their relationship status! 

The Couple-Bird for Couples, the 
Single-Bird for singles so everyone
Clearly recognizes! 
Have fun sharing and finding.



 I'm Eileen. Founder of
I came up with the idea for SINGLE-BIRD when I was shopping. I didn't dare speak to an attractive man.

If there had been only one small sign that he is single, then the purchase would probably have gone differently. Well... What shall I say. Now there is one! 

You just found each other, or a couple for a long time? Then show it to you and your environment with the ' Couple-Bird ' ' from ' Single-Bird! ' ' 

Because you have been a team since and belong together!!!